Saturday, May 9, 2015

Reflection Post

  This is the last blog post.  It has been a long ride with lots of obstacles.  David and I met with the TV production teacher with whom we had a good conversation with. We talked about a few things and he had a few good ideas that helped a lot.  He said he would put out a request for volunteers on announcements if we wrote a script but he said that first we should talk to the Interact club here at the school.  We didn't know that this club existed.  What they do is go and do different service projects every week. We talked to the director of it who is a teacher here at South and he was on board he just wanted us to come in and talk to the club.  There is a big problem though that wasn't foreseen very unfortunately due to miscommunication. The project will take place on a school day from 9 to 2:30 and a few schools such as Ligget and Denby will be there.  There will be food and a police officer in attendance just in case.  Those schools are bringing basically the majority of their students on a bus. We have so many volunteers right now we only need around 15 from south but David and I weren't informed about it being during a school day.  We were not told this and thought that it would be after school.  Now we realize that we would either have to get the school to excuse students from the school day to go to work on the project, or to apply for field trip status.  With the project being on May 14th this is close to impossible to attain.  It doesn't look like we will see South's participation in this project but nevertheless the project will be carried out by other schools.

   The 20 time projects have some great aspects.  It gives kids time to do great things that they wouldn't otherwise be able to do because of class. I might not have been able to accomplish all I wanted for my 20 time project but I contributed.  I scoped out good lots and took pictures of them.  These are the same lots we acquired from the city. Even though we encountered problems we will be able to see our project to the end and it will be successful. The only thing that would have really facilitated this project is if we had the whole school day Friday on which to do it.  I know this isn't possible but it would ensure better projects.  We were given some time to do the project but if we had more time we would be able to accomplish so much more.

   I learned how much you can accomplish together.  I know it sounds cheesy but it's the truth.  You can accomplish amazing things by working with other people.  Especially in this day and age with our ability to contact more people though social media and other technology.  One person can contact hundreds who can contact thousands who contact millions who can contact billions.  If your cause is right and you are smart in going about ways to promote your cause, there is no limit to the possibilities that you can accomplish.  I learned this from 20 time and I look forward to the next time I will be able to be a part of something big that helps others.