Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog 10

  Recently I sent an email to the principle to make 100% sure that we had his consent to show a video to the school during the announcements so we can get volunteers.  Apparently he isn't the one to talk to about it I need to talk to the teacher in charge of the TV production class.  The one thing that's making me think twice is that we only got nine lots from the city.  We already have volunteers from different schools so we only could really use about fifteen people from south.  The worry is that if we show it to the whole school that we get a bigger number of volunteers than we can handle. That's would be great but it would also make things complicated.  I guess we could select fifteen and explain to the others why we don't need their help but now I'm wondering if we should take a different course of action to acquire volunteers. They're just thoughts now. We will think them over more before we decide.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Blog 9

        Lately my friend David and I have been constantly busy with practice after school and then fitting our homework in every night.  We have our first district game Wednesday for basketball against the seventh ranked team in the state.  Surprisingly it is going to be held at home which we are really looking forward too.  It's always nice to have a home crowd to cheer you on.  The plan for our project is to go down today to the TV production room to set up a meeting with the teacher, preferably for Tuesday.  We cannot have the meeting today because school ends at 3:05 and our practice starts at 3:30.  We need to go get it set up as quickly as possible after school and then get changed and in the gym for practice in time.  I hope we win Wednesday don't get me wrong but I'm going to be relieved when the season ends at the same time because we will have so much more time for this project.