Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blog 6

               The only two things that occurred this week were studying for midterms, and the occasional break for a basketball game or practice.  The studying was mentally taxing.  It consumed so much of the day.  The nagging fact that kept adding to the stress being experienced was the remembrance of the sheer gravity of these tests.  They are worth twenty percent of your grade meaning hypothetically if you did not do well, they could hammer your grade until it significantly decreased.  However the studying was achieved and the test results are turning out well.  This weekend felt as if it was its own vacation to a stress free island.  Midterms finally passed.  The feeling of relief that overcame everything else felt amazing.  This weekend may have been the most relaxing one experienced all school year.  Netflix was the highlight of the day, as well as it was the majority of the day.  The only interruptions to relaxing were basketball practices and workouts, but even those were not bothersome.  The weekend was bliss.

               Having been reminded by my teachers text later today I was brought back to the awareness of this project and schoolwork in general.  Tomorrow the relaxing will be over and the five day school week cycle will start to spin once again.  In relation to the project we are still in the deciding stages of wether to carry on... or even if it will be a possibility to carry on.  The goal is to not give up on it.  We will possibly set up an appointment with the principle to consult him upon his opinion of the matter, if he believes it could be a safety issue for our students at this present time we may have to pull the plug entirely.  Hopefully this will not be the case.

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