Saturday, January 10, 2015

Blog 5

       Two events have slowed the project down substantially.  The first, and lesser of the two is that mid terms are approaching and any spare time I have now is devoted solely to studying.  This almost halts all production on the project entirely.  The second even is the most serious.  Recently there were kids that went to our school and a school nearby that were in their car in Detroit and were shot by a unidentified person.  Not only has this scared the community but it makes people fear more for their safety and more people are hesitant of going into Detroit.  This is extremely unfortunate for our project in particular because the lots we are going to fix up are in Detroit.  It will be much harder to get volunteers now and even if some of them still want to do it, some of their parents may not want them to help for fear that a similar dangerous instance will happen again.  This presents us with the choice of not going through with the project any more or still going through with it. We do not want to halt it entirely because of the benefits it will have for the community and we don't want to see all our work go to waste.  Maybe we could get the community to bond together and be stronger through this by coming together and making Detroit a better place through this project, but as of now it seems like a big part of the decision will have to be made by how the people react.

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