Saturday, May 9, 2015

Reflection Post

  This is the last blog post.  It has been a long ride with lots of obstacles.  David and I met with the TV production teacher with whom we had a good conversation with. We talked about a few things and he had a few good ideas that helped a lot.  He said he would put out a request for volunteers on announcements if we wrote a script but he said that first we should talk to the Interact club here at the school.  We didn't know that this club existed.  What they do is go and do different service projects every week. We talked to the director of it who is a teacher here at South and he was on board he just wanted us to come in and talk to the club.  There is a big problem though that wasn't foreseen very unfortunately due to miscommunication. The project will take place on a school day from 9 to 2:30 and a few schools such as Ligget and Denby will be there.  There will be food and a police officer in attendance just in case.  Those schools are bringing basically the majority of their students on a bus. We have so many volunteers right now we only need around 15 from south but David and I weren't informed about it being during a school day.  We were not told this and thought that it would be after school.  Now we realize that we would either have to get the school to excuse students from the school day to go to work on the project, or to apply for field trip status.  With the project being on May 14th this is close to impossible to attain.  It doesn't look like we will see South's participation in this project but nevertheless the project will be carried out by other schools.

   The 20 time projects have some great aspects.  It gives kids time to do great things that they wouldn't otherwise be able to do because of class. I might not have been able to accomplish all I wanted for my 20 time project but I contributed.  I scoped out good lots and took pictures of them.  These are the same lots we acquired from the city. Even though we encountered problems we will be able to see our project to the end and it will be successful. The only thing that would have really facilitated this project is if we had the whole school day Friday on which to do it.  I know this isn't possible but it would ensure better projects.  We were given some time to do the project but if we had more time we would be able to accomplish so much more.

   I learned how much you can accomplish together.  I know it sounds cheesy but it's the truth.  You can accomplish amazing things by working with other people.  Especially in this day and age with our ability to contact more people though social media and other technology.  One person can contact hundreds who can contact thousands who contact millions who can contact billions.  If your cause is right and you are smart in going about ways to promote your cause, there is no limit to the possibilities that you can accomplish.  I learned this from 20 time and I look forward to the next time I will be able to be a part of something big that helps others.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog 11

            At first all our recent efforts were directed to planning out the video to show on school announcements so as to acquire volunteers for our project.  We were thinking of the best way to appeal to the student body and convince them to assist us with this project because if we don't make a good impression we won't gain many volunteers.  With out volunteers the project will be a failure.  That is why we have emphasized so much importance upon this aspect of the project.  However, we came to the realization that the date we had assigned on which to hold the event was too soon.  Originally we had planned to do it on earth day which is on Wednesday April 22, 2015.  For various reasons that date is too premature for our satisfaction.  We are postponing the project until May 14th.  This way we will have more time to ensure the flawlessness and effectiveness of the project.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Blog 10

  Recently I sent an email to the principle to make 100% sure that we had his consent to show a video to the school during the announcements so we can get volunteers.  Apparently he isn't the one to talk to about it I need to talk to the teacher in charge of the TV production class.  The one thing that's making me think twice is that we only got nine lots from the city.  We already have volunteers from different schools so we only could really use about fifteen people from south.  The worry is that if we show it to the whole school that we get a bigger number of volunteers than we can handle. That's would be great but it would also make things complicated.  I guess we could select fifteen and explain to the others why we don't need their help but now I'm wondering if we should take a different course of action to acquire volunteers. They're just thoughts now. We will think them over more before we decide.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Blog 9

        Lately my friend David and I have been constantly busy with practice after school and then fitting our homework in every night.  We have our first district game Wednesday for basketball against the seventh ranked team in the state.  Surprisingly it is going to be held at home which we are really looking forward too.  It's always nice to have a home crowd to cheer you on.  The plan for our project is to go down today to the TV production room to set up a meeting with the teacher, preferably for Tuesday.  We cannot have the meeting today because school ends at 3:05 and our practice starts at 3:30.  We need to go get it set up as quickly as possible after school and then get changed and in the gym for practice in time.  I hope we win Wednesday don't get me wrong but I'm going to be relieved when the season ends at the same time because we will have so much more time for this project. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog 8

Good news for now.  After a good deal of thought we have decided to proceed with our project.  The decision has been that we owe it to ourselves and the community to finish what we started.  The numerous benefits outweigh what we hope to be an unlikely failure.  We have trust in our peers to come through and volunteer so we can make this happen.  Although it has been recommended by one that we stop our effort it has been supported by a number of people to continue.  The next step is to get back on schedule.  We need to find the best way to make a video to show the school during announcements to recruit volunteers.  A possibility is that we can do this with the help from kids taking the TV production class.  Hopefully through our organization and your help we will be able to make our community a better place by carrying out this project.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Blog 7

       This decision of carrying on with the project or not has so many unforeseen factors that we have not yet come to a conclusion.   At the moment all actions in relation to the project are stagnant. It is a hard decision to make and it's been weighing on my mind.  I lay in bed every night before I go to sleep pondering if carrying on is the best thing for the community.  It seems like the best way to understand the thoughts of the students and teachers and others is to ask them.... possibly perform some sort of survey to become more informed.  Another way to try and find out what people are open to this still is to shoot our video and show it to the school as planned and see what sort of response we get.  If we get a good amount of volunteers we may be able to proceed but if too many feel that it is in the best interests of the school's safety to halt it all together we may have to do just that. The goal is not to quit.  We have put a good deal of work into this and it would be beneficial to the community.  We can only hope people will be willing to volunteer.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blog 6

               The only two things that occurred this week were studying for midterms, and the occasional break for a basketball game or practice.  The studying was mentally taxing.  It consumed so much of the day.  The nagging fact that kept adding to the stress being experienced was the remembrance of the sheer gravity of these tests.  They are worth twenty percent of your grade meaning hypothetically if you did not do well, they could hammer your grade until it significantly decreased.  However the studying was achieved and the test results are turning out well.  This weekend felt as if it was its own vacation to a stress free island.  Midterms finally passed.  The feeling of relief that overcame everything else felt amazing.  This weekend may have been the most relaxing one experienced all school year.  Netflix was the highlight of the day, as well as it was the majority of the day.  The only interruptions to relaxing were basketball practices and workouts, but even those were not bothersome.  The weekend was bliss.

               Having been reminded by my teachers text later today I was brought back to the awareness of this project and schoolwork in general.  Tomorrow the relaxing will be over and the five day school week cycle will start to spin once again.  In relation to the project we are still in the deciding stages of wether to carry on... or even if it will be a possibility to carry on.  The goal is to not give up on it.  We will possibly set up an appointment with the principle to consult him upon his opinion of the matter, if he believes it could be a safety issue for our students at this present time we may have to pull the plug entirely.  Hopefully this will not be the case.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Blog 5

       Two events have slowed the project down substantially.  The first, and lesser of the two is that mid terms are approaching and any spare time I have now is devoted solely to studying.  This almost halts all production on the project entirely.  The second even is the most serious.  Recently there were kids that went to our school and a school nearby that were in their car in Detroit and were shot by a unidentified person.  Not only has this scared the community but it makes people fear more for their safety and more people are hesitant of going into Detroit.  This is extremely unfortunate for our project in particular because the lots we are going to fix up are in Detroit.  It will be much harder to get volunteers now and even if some of them still want to do it, some of their parents may not want them to help for fear that a similar dangerous instance will happen again.  This presents us with the choice of not going through with the project any more or still going through with it. We do not want to halt it entirely because of the benefits it will have for the community and we don't want to see all our work go to waste.  Maybe we could get the community to bond together and be stronger through this by coming together and making Detroit a better place through this project, but as of now it seems like a big part of the decision will have to be made by how the people react.