Friday, December 5, 2014

Blog 4

I recently found out that we need to acquire volunteers very soon. This is because City Hall needs to see proof that we have a number of people to work this project and actually complete it. We need to work with our school's TV class to shoot a video to show on our daily anouncements. The idea is to get about twenty really motivated people to come to city hall with and to have meetings with after school every so often. The meetings we will have will be about ways to start raising money to get supplies for cleaning up the lots and whatever else we may need. We will brainstorm these fund raisers and perform them at certain times to help out towards reaching our economic goal. When we are near our actual launch date for the project we will rerun our video or make another as to get as many volunteers as possible.
The others schools involved with us are doing the same and we have now approached the real start of the volunteer, and fundraising steps of our project.